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There have been several efforts to apply FaaS to analytics workloads. We touch upon a few examples here and refer the reader to Werner et al. [1] for an overview and comparison of serverless data processing frameworks.

PyWren [2] demonstrated the benefits of simplified cloud programming with a simple FaaS-based framework geared at analytics tasks. Subsequent work by IBM [3] extends it with additional constructs, and Locus [4] showed how to implement shuffling, a an important analytics primitive, in a FaaS environment.

Wukong [5,6] focuses on optimizing analytics tasks, enhancing locality by minimizing data movement across tasks. In a similar vein, HASTE [7] focuses on optimizing serverless DAG execution.

In the database literature, Lambda [8] and Starling [9] both and use FaaS to operate on data stored in S3. Flint [10] tackles the same problem using Apache Spark [11].

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