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Serverless in Practice

Understanding how serverless FaaS platforms work is challenging because the leading products are either partially or entirely proprietary. Early efforts to innovate on FaaS devoted significant effort to understanding how FaaS platforms might be implemented [1,2]. More recent work by Wang et al. [3] has thoroughly analyzed the major FaaS platforms, documenting their isolation mechanisms, elasticity, coldstart latencies, and container recycling policies. Lee et al. [4] provide another evaluation of FaaS providers.

Other reports and analyses of real-world experiences are valuable as well. Shahrad et al. [5] describe the production workload of Azure Functions as well as policy optimizations that improve efficiency and quality of service. The Wonderless Dataset [6] contains open source serverless applications extracted from GitHub. Eismann et al. [7] review various serverless applications and attempt to explain why and when they are successful. Mohanty et al. [8] evaluate open source serverless computing frameworks.

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