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Stateful Serverless

Augmenting FaaS with state has been the subject of considerable research. One application with specific state management requirements is analytics, which requires ephemeral storage to pass intermediate results between functions [1]. Pocket [2] provides a solution to challenges in this area. Though managing state for analytics can be challenging on account of the volume and transient nature of the data, its simple and well-defined usage patterns lend themselves to optimized solutions.

A more general challenge arises in managing changing application state, which is often subject to certain consistency requirements. Serverless computing gives coordination-free techniques an opportunity to shine because they have provable advantages at scale [3]. Cloudburst [4] is a stateful FaaS system that integrates with the scalable Anna [5] key-value store. It provides local caches in function instances and transactional causal consistency [6]. FaaSTCC [7] is another system that provides similar guarantees.

An alternative approach is to use an underlying logging infrastructure to represent state. Logging involves coordination, but it can provide strong consistency and better throughput scaling than distributed protocols such as two-phase commit [8]. Beldi [9] and work by de Heus et al. [10] both provide transaction mechanisms that integrate FaaS and underlying storage. Boki [11] and Retro-$\lambda$ [12] also make use of an underlying log to manage state.

Azure Functions [13] includes “durable functions” in its production offering. Durable functions use a checkpoint mechanism to allow long-running execution on top of a FaaS runtime. In this programming model, state can be maintained reliably and for long periods of time within the functions themselves. Burckhardt et al. [14] provide a formal model of durable functions and show that various implementations are possible.

Stateful serverless must reckon with faults. AFT [15] provides a fault tolerance shim that can be interposed between a FaaS environment and underlying storage, providing atomicity guarantees. Ray [16] is not derived from FaaS but offers similar scalability and fits under the broader definition of serverless. The platform has served as a proving ground for various novel fault tolerance approaches [17,18]. Other work on stateful serverless computing includes SFL [19], a compiler for generating stateful serverless applications.

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