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Other Applications

Serverless computing, like cloud computing, is a general-purpose technology that can be deployed in many contexts. Use cases that attracted attention early on included chatbots [1] and video encoding [2]. Serverless autoscaling also makes sense for disaster response, and several such applications have been studied [3,4,5].

Serverless robotics involves motion planning and could occur in the cloud or at the edge [6,4]. There are applications in the oil and gas industry [7] and in geospatial computing [8]. Virtual environments, including games, are another application area [9]. DevOps, which involves things like software testing, is a bursty workload that stands to benefit from serverless computing [10]. There have also been proposals to use FaaS to enable blockchain applications [11] and to execute FaaS on blockchain infrastructure [12].

Various scientific applications may benefit from serverless computing. In the high-performance computing space, high invocation rates and short deadlines could challenge existing technologies, but FaaS might provide useful benefits [13,14]. Other examples of scientific applications of FaaS include federated function serving [15], serverless linear algebra [16], and a distributed parallel analysis engine for high-energy physics [17].

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