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Autoscaling, Optimization, and Quality of Service

Autoscaling is a defining characteristic of serverless computing, so a great deal of research touches on it in some way. Autoscaling must balance quality of service and cost, and the work we highlight here relates directly to this tradeoff. Even with FaaS, customers are still required to configure some resources, notably the “memory size,” which serves as a proxy for instance execution resources. Sizeless [1] and COSE [2] analyze functions as they run, attempting to find optimal resource configurations. Winzinger and Wirtz [3] also provide a model for FaaS execution. There are multiple approaches to quality of service: Sequoia [4] targets policy goals, whereas Atoll [5] focuses on latency objectivs.

An eclectic mix of work rounds out the early autoscaling-focused efforts. Yussupov et al. [6] study how to reengineer existing applications for scalability, introducing the notion of “serverless parachutes” that are used only under exceptional load conditions. Spock [7] uses both server VMs and serverless functions to meet elasticity and cost goals. Anna [8] provides autoscaling tiered storage, seeking to optimize for both cost and performance goals.

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