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Benchmarks and Data Sets

Serverless computing stands to benefit from broadly accepted benchmarks. A number of these have been proposed, though a leader has not yet emerged. Contenders include FunctionBench [1], FaaSdom [2], and Serverlessbench [3]. DeathStarBench [4] is targeted at microservices as well as FaaS applications. Work by Martins et al. [5] also proposes a benchmark and uses it to compare cloud providers. Scheuner and Leitner [6] provide a literature review of various FaaS performance evaluations.

The need for new benchmarks is especially evident because serverless computing emphasizes autoscaling. The quality of this autoscaling is often referred to as “elasticity,” a metaphor that suggests it might be described by a simple number or perhaps a relationship between two variables, as is the case in physics or engineering. So far no such metric has emerged, though work by Kuhlenkamp et al. [7] moves in this direction.

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